Windsor’s Got Talent Too! Young Singer Releases First EP

Published in BIZ-X Magazine – October 2017

Windsor’s Teodora Taleski has been singing for as long as she can remember and her dreams have been realized with the release in late September of her first extended play compact disc.

Titled, appropriately, “ln The Beginning,” the six-song disc features original songs with Taleski herself providing the musical accompaniment.

“I am just so super excited with all of this,” says Taleski, a 14 year old grade 9 student at Academie Ste. Cecile. “l’ve loved music ever since I was a little girl and started singing around the house and it’s so exciting to see this all come together now.”

Taleski loves listening to R&B and pop music, but focuses on pop songs in her burgeoning career “because I’m not very good at singing R&B, although I love the music.”

She has her own YouTube channel (found at: which features a selection of cover songs from Celine Dion and Taylor Swift, among others, but for her CD, she decided to write her own lyrics.

“They’re not traditional love songs from a girl to a boy because I’m too young to have met the love of my life yet, but they are about love in a different way,” Taleski describes. “Love of your friends, love of a pet and love for your parents, for instance.”

Her parents, Mende and Elizabeth Taleski, have been by their daughter’s side throughout the adventure.

“l couldn’t have wished for more supportive parents,” says Taleski. “They’re wonderful.” Taleski has written about 30 original songs so far and selected six for her CD, which was released last month during a party at The Walkerville Theatre, and another for a single to be released near Christmas.

On her CD she plays piano and adds, “we have a program which transforms piano notes into notes for a guitar and other instruments so that’s how the music is produced.”

Taleski credits Kerri Parks, her vocal teacher, with taking her growing career to
the next level.

A couple of years ago, Taleski entered four different divisions at an acting and singing talent showcase in Boca Raton, Florida and won prizes in all of them.

“l love it all” says Taleski. “ln addition to singing, I love the whole production part of it as well because you can hear a song come together from almost nothing to something very special.”