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Spring Sports

ASCIS offers a wide variety of spring sports. Many of our teams and athletes are successful at the city level and move on to compete at both the regional and provincial levels every year. Our facilities to host our spring sports include a beautiful turf soccer field and new track. An indoor running track is also offered in our gymnasium for poor weather.

Spring Sports

Girls and Boys Soccer, Track & Field, Badminton

Notable Finishes


2022-2023: Girls Track and Field 200m OFSSAA Championship – 9th (Addison)

2022-2023: Girls Track and Field 200m SWOSSA Championship – 2nd (Addison)

2021-2022: Boys Badminton Singles SWOSSA – GOLD (Leon)

2021-2022: Boys Badminton Singles SWOSSA – BRONZE (Andy)

2021-2022: Boys Badminton Singles WECSSAA – GOLD (Leon)

2021-2022: Boys Badminton Singles WECSSAA – SILVER (Andy)

2021-2022: Boys Badminton Doubles WECSSAA – BRONZE (Mike and Angus)

2019-2022: Girls Badminton Doubles WECSSAA – GOLD (Eunice and Vanessa)

"My experience playing soccer for ASCIS over the years has been wonderful. Playing as a coed team added a dynamic to the field no other school in Windsor Essex County can experience. The bonds between the players on and off the field added to the tight community ASCIS has to offer. Playing as a female in the senior men division really showcased a different style of the game to me that I had never experienced before. Being challenged during the games and practices not only motivated me to want to improve, but also increased my love for the sport."
Girls Soccer/Coed Soccer
"I've never been part of a team quite like this. The bond we share on and off the field is what sets up apart. Every practice, we push each other to be better, and that's what makes up special. I will forever have memories of the hardship we shared on the soccer field."
Boys Soccer
"Even though track is an individual sport, ASCIS track and field makes you feel like you're part of a team. Everyone supports each other and wants their peeres to do well. Track has been a very fun experience and I cannot wait for the season to start up again."
Track and Field
"By participating in different badminton games, I am able to play the games with passion and see every failure as an opportunity. I am also able to learn, grow, and improve to come back stronger. I think that success in badminton isn't measured by the number of trophies and awards but by perseverance."