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University and Guidance

University and Guidance

All students at Académie Ste-Cécile International School are supported by the Student Services Department. This department is staffed by teacher-counsellors who develop and implement a student-centred guidance and career education program throughout the four years of secondary school. The goals of this program are to assist students in acquiring the knowledge and skills required to learn effectively, live and work cooperatively and productively with a wide range of people and set and pursue education and career goals.

The guidance and career education program has three areas of learning: student development, interpersonal development and career development. Depending of each student’s individual needs, some areas may be emphasized more than others at certain times.

Student development includes the development of habits and skills necessary for learning, while interpersonal development focuses on the development of knowledge and skills needed in getting along with others. Finally, career development involves the development of knowledge and skills needed to set short-term and long-term goals related to planning for the future.

In keeping with our emphasis of the development and well-being of our students, student services provides the following services as an ongoing plan for each individual student:

  • Guiding students’ course selection, researching and career planning
  • Directing students to community involvement activities available in our community
  • Monitoring each student’s academic achievements and OSSD requirements
  • Counselling students who are struggling academically and require supports related to topics such as but not limited to study habits, tutoring, organization and time management
  • Making available resources such as college and university presentations in order to help with postsecondary goals
  • Providing short-term personal counselling
  • Granting access to long-term personal counselling if required
  • Conducting transition and exit planning from one educational environment to another
  • Applying for scholarships and bursaries
  • Testing English language proficiency
  • Assisting with the SAT, ACT and other standardized tests

ASCIS Student Services support the needs of our students, our parents and our colleagues.

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