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The Arts

It is well documented that the intellectual and emotional development of children is enhanced through study of the arts. Through the study of dance, drama, music, and visual arts, students develop the ability to think creatively and critically.

The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 1-8 | The Arts, 2009 (revised).

Fostering and promoting an appreciation for the visual arts, music and dance, ASCIS strives to provide the best instruction to students at both the elementary and secondary levels.


Starting with the primary grades, music is introduced through vocal performance and movement. Students learn to follow direction, sing in ensemble while keeping rhythm and acquire basic music concepts that prepare them for instrumental music classes in Grades 5 through 8. For Intermediate and Senior elementary students, ASCIS offers an instrumental program in which students become well-rounded musicians by learning music concepts and theory, performance skills and how to interpret, create and utilize computer music. Our music course prepare students for post-secondary studies.

Outside of regular school hours, ASCIS offers Senior and Junior concert bands, Jazz Band, Vocal Chorus, String Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble and Liturgy Group, the first of which regularly performs in adjudicated competitions outside Windsor. The Junior Choir (Grades 3 and 4) takes part in the annual Kiwanis Music Festival, and, in 2016, the Senior Choir was part of “The Wonder of Christmas” by Music Express. As well, a culminating end-of-year concert involving the entire JK-12 student population takes place at the Capitol Theatre each May.

Our music classes offer new technologies in music, facilitating the programming of original works or repertoire, using samples and using notation and recording software. This work takes place in the keyboard lab area, where 10 work stations are used to teach piano skills and synthesizer programming and sequencing. This activity links with cross-curricular media studies.

ASCIS offers the future to new musicians and artists.



Drama plays a valuable role in helping our students achieve their potential as learners and members of society. Education in Dramatic Arts is essential to each student’s social, physical, emotional and intellectual growth and well-being. It paves the way for students to engage and be motivated with an abundance of acting strands, such as monologues, reader theatre and improvisation. The active participants in drama learn about some of the diverse practices in both traditional and contemporary approaches to the performing arts.

Drama students experience performance arts in the form of concerts and presentations of a diverse nature. Students learn to embrace imaginative and innovative thoughts and actions as they communicate and represent their feelings in numerous, creative ways in accordance with global ideas and practices.

ASCIS’ strong pursuit in dramatic art also includes a yearly musical featuring the elementary drama and music students. Recent productions have included The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast. This year, the students will be presenting Oliver. Students audition early in the school year and rehearsals start as early as November for the June presentation.


Visual Art

ASCIS’ Visual Art program allows students to express themselves while discovering and interpreting the world around them. The program provides opportunities to practise and apply art concepts while promoting the development of creative and thinking skills. Students are challenged to master fundamental concepts with respect to the elements and principles of design. By creating personal works of art, students will problem solve, create, present, reflect, respond, analyse and explore.

This creative process encourages students to produce artwork in a variety of two- and three-dimensional forms using drawing, painting, print-making, sculpting and media activities. It provides quality instruction, focuses on student strengths, captures student interest and identifies individual learning needs with ongoing feedback and assessment.

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