Académie Ste-Cécile

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Child Enrichment Centre

We are much more than just child care.

Our environment supports children’s play and learning and contributes to a sense of belonging and overall well-being.

Since 1980, our child enrichment centre is dedicated to making music and learning fun, and in doing so, creating a spirit of enjoyment for all.

Ste-Cécile Child Enrichment Centre aims to provide an atmosphere of love in which all children happily learn to adopt a positive approach towards their total growth: intellectual, physical, emotional, social, musical, cultural.

Our environment promotes skills, dignity, self-respect and self-esteem through social, musical and movement-based activities.

We provide our families with opportunities to engage in and contribute to their child’s learning and experiences.

At all times, our staff supervise our children’s daily routines, hot lunches, nutritious snacks, personal care and rest time.

Our Registered Early Childhood Educators have 35+ years of combined experience and are Child CPR and Infant First Aid trained.

  • Sensory, fine and gross motor activities
  • Learning through music with song games
  • Fundamentals of music
  • Suzuki methodology
  • Movement exploration: dance, creative movement, drama, gross motor and pre-gymnastics
  • Art, math, languages (English, French) and social sciences


Our safe and positive learning environment provides a foundation for academic, emotional and social success in school.

As a licensed centre for preschoolers, we have a safe a secure site located within the elementary school at Académie Ste-Cécile International School.

Learning is done through fun with seamless integration of concepts, skills and socialization as a part of everyday growth while playing games, singing songs, dancing, body movement, craft circles and learning with others.

We prepare young children to enter elementary school

General Information and Registration

925 Cousineau Rd
Windsor, ON N9G 1V8

Children must be 2½-5 years of age and toilet trained. They must be registered for a minimum of 2 full or half days per week.

FULL DAY Mon-Fri 7:30AM-5:30PM
HALF DAY Mon-Fri 7:30AM-12:00PM

You may be eligible for a child care subsidy and/or child care tax credit.
Visit OneHSN and for more information.

Hi! I’m Mrs. Cheryl and I have been teaching at Académie Ste-Cécile’s Child Enrichment Centre since September 1983. I am an RECE with First Aid as well as Infant and Child CRP training and certification.

I have been here this long because I love the the program: the song games, musical aspect, movement class and attitude towards socialization. It is a positive atmosphere to work in and I admire the respect the children have for each other. The children are enjoyable which makes it easy and fun to be here.

In our small setting, children are close and show a lot of caring for each other, have good friendships and closeness. They learn about each others’ personal differences, cultural differences, family backgrounds giving them a better understanding of each other and are able to empathize with each other. They even take it upon themselves to welcome new friends to help them adjust.

Fortunate to have worked with a good staff who are warm and pleasing, everyone has a good regard for each other’s abilities. We know each other so well we pick up on signals without saying anything to each other. Everyone is patient and there is an ease communicating with the families who continue to welcome the environment as there has been trust built over the years. We have cared for other siblings so we know families very well. There is a reason parents bring their children here.

We give so more to children’s learning than just child care. We continue to nurture and guide children when at our centre, which is like a second home to them. They spend much of their day with us and learn, eat, nap, dance, sing and play together here until they are picked up.

Our safe, secure site is within the elementary school of Académie Ste-Cécile International School so our preschoolers are exposed to a school atmosphere. They see the faces other teachers and older students so the transition is much smoother when they move up to JK at Ste-Cécile, or anywhere. Our outdoor setting is beautiful and green and in a quiet neighborhood. It really is a place where children thrive.

Cheryl Toth

Hi! My name is Ms. Daniela and I am so happy to be at Académie Ste-Cécile Child Enrichment Centre!

I have been working with young children for 15+ years, I have always loved working with young children and strive to guide them to be their best whole selves. Watching their growth and progress is so special: when they have their first “ah-ha’ moments, learning firsts and realizing concepts or skills. It is so motivating to celebrate the little things each day.

Upon completing the Early Childhood Education program at St. Clair College, my insight and understanding as an educator was expanded in roles such as: running before and after school programs; planning curriculums creating a ‘passport’ initiative for students as they move up each grade; coaching other teachers as an assistant supervisor; standardizing reports for parents and designing Reggio-inspired classrooms.

As a mentor with the Windsor Essex Registered Early Childhood Educators (WERECE) pilot program I continue to develop my leadership skills and build my capacity as an educator. As a Field Placement Supervisor with St. Clair College’s ECE program I facilitate college students’ learning and aide in problem clarification and resolution, offering advice and encouragement.

What I noticed that sets Académie Ste-Cécile CEC apart:

    • music is integrated into the daily routine
    • emphasis on body movement
    • learning in a wide variety of areas
    • children are encouraged to be active learners
    • many theme-based concepts and ideas
    • complements to learning in all aspects taught

When children graduate into JK my wish for them is that they are set up for success, are caring, loving and respectful to others, maintain an open mind, continue to explore, remember that learning by trial and error is good and is effective.

I promise to constantly challenge myself and continuously transform in order to effectively guide young minds and hearts using the best practices and in the best way that I can.

Your teacher,
Ms. Daniela