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ASCIS Opens New Indoor Shooting Range for Prep Hockey


In order to enhance training for our prep hockey teams, ASCIS has opened a new indoor shooting range. The facility provides a dedicated space for players to practice their shots in a convenient location. Hockey players can select where they would like to shoot the puck from, and can aim for specific targets to score on the goaltender. This will allow the athletes to improve their sharpshooting, which will help them score more goals on the ice. The opening of this shooting range reflects ASCIS’s dedication to developing its sports programs.


Santiago Shines At U20 World Championship

In a thrilling match at the Ice Hockey U20 World Championship in Sofia, Bulgaria, Santiago emerged as the stand-out player, earning the player of the game title. Facing off against Kyrgyzstan, Santiago showcased exceptional skill, determination, and sportsmanship, and contributed significantly to his team's success. Santiago boasted the 2nd best save percentage out of any goaltender in the entire tournament, with an impressive 89.44%. He also held the record for the most saves in this year's tournament, with an incredible total of 161 saves made. Great work, Santiago!


Congratulations Santiago and Sofia!


A huge congratulations goes out to our students, Santiago Cucuraqui and Sofia Hernandez, for being selected for the Mexican National Team. Santiago will play at the 2024 World Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria, as part of the U20 Mexican National Ice Hockey Team, and Sofia will play for the team representing Mexico at the 2024 Youth Winter Olympic Games in Gangwon State, Republic of Korea.

Santiago will be in Bulgaria from January 18 to January 30, and Sofia will be in the Republic of Korea from January 19 to February 1. Best of luck to both of them, and we are honoured to have them represent their nation and ASCIS for two very important events.