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Andrew Seguin

  • Certified RCM Grade 9 in Classical Guitar
  • University of Windsor Classical Guitar Major Student
  • Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Teacher

Andrew is a classically trained Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) Certified guitar teacher. He began his classical guitar learning at a young age under Mike McNamara, and went through the RCM Classical Guitar Grades. During this time, he received the highest mark in Ontario for his Grade 8 test, receiving a Gold Medal from the RCM. He is now a University of Windsor Classical Guitar Major.

During his teenage years, Andrew took his classical guitar knowledge and started playing acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar, a way of playing instrumental versions of songs on acoustic guitar. He would play solo gigs every weekend with this music as well as his classical playing.

Andrew specializes in teaching classical guitar using the Royal Conservatory syllabus. He can also help students with other genres such as acoustic fingerstyle which is a fun way to expand one’s classical skill and lessons are easy to follow.