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Aleksandar Jezdic

  • BScH: Honors Biochemistry, University of Windsor
  • Level 10 First Class Honors Performance Certificate, Royal Conservatory of Music
  • Basic and Advanced Rudiments Honors Certificate, Royal Conservatory of Music

 Aleksandar Jezdic is a lifelong, classically-trained pianist currently teaching in Windsor, Ontario. Aleksandar began studying music at the age of 5 with Mr. Joe Trocchi, and under his tutelage developed a deep love of music. During this time, Aleksandar closely followed the Royal Conservatory of Music system, and continues to encourage its use in the comprehensive learning of music. Aleksandar eventually pursued his Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Biochemistry and Biotechnology from the University of Windsor. During his university career, piano continued to play a significant role in Aleksandar’s life, and shortly before the completion of his degree he began his studies with Dr. Gregory Butler, with whom he still studies performance, comprehensive musicianship, and pedagogy.

Aleksandar Jezdic teaches a weight-based, comprehensive approach to the piano, placing great emphasis on physical relaxation and comfort. Aleksandar aims to help students create a secure musical foundation through the development and regular stimulation of the visual, aural, and tactual skills that are indispensable at all levels of piano playing and musical understanding.