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Académie Ste-Cécile Academy of Music is a music school in South Windsor, Ontario founded in 1979. One of largest and longest standing music schools in the area, our facility boasts 23 music studios fitted recently regulated and upgraded grand and upright acoustic pianos.. The school is located on a 25-acre site at 925 Cousineau Road between Highway 3 and Howard Ave. in south Windsor. Built in 1957, it is a low profile buff brick Mid-Century Modernist style building with a pinwheel plan and dominant tower. It is the largest built work of renowned Prairie School architect Francis Barry Byrne and is easily accessible to all means of public transportation. The Conservatory of Music offers a wide range of music instruction to students of all levels and ages.

Académie Ste-Cécile Academy of Music’s mission is to educate students in music and culture; help them develop their tastes in classical, jazz, Broadway music and more; and provide them with the proper environment for professional growth.

For those who do not plan to become professional musicians, the school’s approach to learning music will enhance musical appreciation, build or enhance new skills. Young students have the opportunity not only to gain a deep knowledge and appreciation of music, but also to enhance their self-esteem and build their character. All students can develop their innate musical potential at their own pace in a friendly and supportive environment.

The school is particularly proud of its special program for adult students, helping them to gain proficiency and enjoy performing on their instrument within a few months of lessons while also enjoying a pleasant social experience.

The Conservatory offers individual lessons in piano, violin, ukulele, guitar, recorder, flute, clarinet, trumpet, saxophone, voice, drums/percussion and more. Students can also learn basic intermediate and advanced theory, harmony,  and history appreciation and participate in recital programs in the elegant, state-of-the-art performance hall, available for rentals, showcases and performances. Teachers associated with the Academy have qualifications ranging from Associates diplomas with the Royal Conservatory of Music and/or Conservatory Canada to Bachelor, Master and Doctorate of Music degrees in addition to most who still perform.

Our goal is to give students outstanding instruction and encourage an appreciation of music.  Students have the opportunity to explore many genres of music in addition to classical repertoire.  Performance opportunities such as recitals, music festivals as well as preparation for RCM examinations and auditions are all available.

Our passion is music and we are here to share that with our students!


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